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Wall sconces and spotlights, our indoor lamps

Use our wall sconces to recreate a warm lighting in stone materials for your walls at home or commercial spaces. You can choose wall sconces or our indoor lamps, created for you in our Sguariu creative workshop. You can enrich your interior home decor with the pietra leccese wall sconces, handcrafted by traditional craft techniques in our workshop. The wall sconces in pietra leccese as well as the ones in carparo stone are available in different shapes and sizes. Unlike the ones sold in big department stores, our products are uniquely created to show up your interiors and decorations in your home. The wall sconces in pietra leccese produced, light up your rooms with creativity and elegance: Either more robust and rustic ones, big or small, or bathroom wall sconces, you will find the lamp that best fits your style.

Indoor wall sconces in limestone/pietra leccese

You can choose the wall sconces Vela or Mare, on our different section also wall lamps to decorate your sea, lake our lake inspired house. Or choose for the butterfly or a more rustic wall sconce, in different shapes and sizes, to give your country or country inspired house a special touch. The spotlights and the wall sconces can give light off either from one or both sides, from top to bottom and are ideal to light up paths or corridors and small rooms. You will find our wall lights in different shapes and sizes, with the most original and extravagant names. Go check out our semicolon, our square led step marker or our led lamps. Since always, wall sconces have been very appreciated and desired design elements and not only because of its natural and neat aspects. Some products can be equipped with the proper lamps (not included in the price). So whenever you think about lighting up your space, do not forget your walls. Our wall sconces are available in different designs and include spot and uplights. Many can be used with energy saving LED light bulbs. Some of our products are equipped with built-in connections, so you will spend less on energy and you will help our planet.

Our bathroom wall sconces

Thanks to the innovative ideas of Sguariu you can transform your bathroom into a small SPA. A big help will be the lighting that you decide to install. For your beauty routines, install the sconces close to your mirror: That way your face will be finely lit and you will have perfect lighting for your beauty treatments and routines. Or choose a more dimmed light to recreate that traditional Spa ambiance: Our wall sconces in pietra leccese will give the area a very special class and elegance to your room.

Wall sconces for hallways and corridors

In order to perfectly welcome your guests, we suggest you select our wall sconces for hallways and corridors. Light up the entrance to your house with wall lamps, ideal for smaller spaces in particular. In fact you can decide to install our sconces even in different rooms, thanks to their versatility, they are perfect also for your bathrooms, pantry or your kids room. One product with different functionalities: Create your perfect style with the ideal products for your rooms.

Wall sconces for the living area

If after a long day at work, you wish to relax on your couch, read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine, the living room is the perfect space for you to do it. Create a warm and welcoming living area with our wall sconces, ideal for your living and dining rooms. For this areas in your house you could also imagine to combine the sconces to our ceiling spotlights and our floor lamps, all crafted in pietra leccese. And dont forget that you can also opt for one of our small table lamps for your coffee table, available in different sizes and dimmable. In order to create a more captivating atmosphere, we suggest you combine our wall sconces with our lamps, floor and table lights. Based on your personal taste and feeling you can decide whether to light them up all together or only one for a more softer and relaxing effect. And like this every corner of your room will be lit with a designer handcrafted art piece.
Wall sconces: classic or modern?

Based on your personal style and the arrangements in your home, you will be able to choose between more classic or modern ones. If you want to create a romantic and classic atmosphere, select all the tradition of the Sguariu wall sconces. It will be as time stopped in your house to a more vintage time and every angle will astonish you with a sophisticated and timeless look. Simply put you will be blinded by a charm that only those classic lamps can give you. But if you prefer lighting up your hallways, living areas or rooms with more modern wall sconces, than simply trust the innovative design of our collections! In every shape and size, you can find on our catalogue online the one that fits perfectly into your room, by still remaining unique and practical.

How to assemble our wall sconces?

If you decide to transform the look of your home with our products, you will receive directly to your home, all pieces of craftsmanship and design. But how to assemble our wall sconces? Nothing to worry about! Just follow our simple suggestions and enjoy your light!
For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, before assembling the wall sconces, dont forget to unplug the light. After that use some wire stripper scissors to cut the last part of the electrical wire sheath. Connect them at last with the wires of your pietra leccese wall sconces. The hard part is over! Now you only need to install the light on your wall using some simple screws. Finally, in order to make sure that everything works, plug the light back on and switch it on. You will see a new light in your room!

Wall lights: Light up your house with our traditional limestone/pietra leccese.

Dont be satisfied with cheap and low quality materials. Especially for your home and the place you gather your loved ones together make sure to choose materials that will last and still impress. To furnish your home with style, Sguariu suggests to choose their wall lights in pietra leccese. In every shape and size, they adapt easily and perfectly to the style of your home. Being it minimal, contemporary or eclectic, you will easy transform your home: A simple wall, will become an angle of gran class. The wall sconces, will also improve the other components of your furnishing. Our lighting products combine perfectly in all your areas, and improve paintings, vases and furniture. Whatever the style of your home is, modern or vintage, on carparo.net you will find the perfect accessoire to light up your ambiance with the unique quality of the pietra leccese. You can install our lamps wherever you want! To light up the kids room, you can choose a more creative product, like our semicolon wall sconces or the ones inspired to our art classics. This way the room will be original and it will adapt to all your kids needs. But if for instance you want to light up your living area or bedroom in a more elegant style, our modern wall sconces are ideal for you. Combined to LED light bulbs, our wall lamps in carparo stone will give you a very intense and functional light. As you can see, on carparo.net you will be spoiled for choices: Different and distinct lighting solutions to improve best every room in your home!

Wall sconces: Different models for a unique style

Our wall sconces in pietra leccese will be able to light up darker corners and also decorate your walls. This double objective can only be reached if the lighting is functional for all the areas of your home and if the wall sconces are valuable designer pieces.In fact if one of the characteristic lacs, all we are left with are boring and aesthetically awkward walls. So dont fall into this trap, trust who has been developing lighting solutions since the last 20 years. On carparo.net you can find wall sconces perfect for your individual style. Available for you are different shapes and colors, ideal to satisfy your desires. Would you like a more rustic home? On our website you can find a vast variety of wall sconces in carparo stone ideal for a more vintage home. But if you instead prefer a home that reflects an attention for more trending styles, our “Tagli” adapt to a more modern style. You can choose between different wall sconce models, designs, shapes, light bulbs and attachment: The perfect solution for every room, perfectly respecting our environment. Whichever product you will choose, your walls will not be boring anymore, but enhance your individual style!

On carparo.net, it will be easy to choose the perfect model for you, with all the brightness that the carparo and leccese stone can offer you. You can choose between classic wall sconces, the traditional ones that adhere perfectly on the wall or our wall lamps with partial adherence. In the last case, the light does not adhere directly to the wall, leaving a bit of distance between the wall and the bulb that can generate more movement and sinuosity on your walls.

Besides the design, you can also choose the type of lighting for your room. Thanks to the different forms of the wall sconces, you can choose between a more direct light to a specific area, spread throughout the room or light effects with the different shapes and slits of the pietra leccese. For example, with our LED or halogens spotlights, you will have both a diffusion of light towards the ceiling as well as towards the floor, perfect to create both light up the upper and bottom part of the wall.

Which wall sconce to choose for your home?

On carparo.net you will be spoiled for choices. If you love a more rustic style and furnished your home with a more vintage vibe, we advise you to take a look at our products in carparo stone. If you instead fancy a more modern furnishing, the brightness and simplicity of the products in pietra leccese are ideal for a more contemporary style. Also decide on the different sizes and areas into which you will install the lamps, that may affect your choice. You can choose lights that discreetly camouflage on your wall, living you with just the right amount of light. Or choose a more jaunty form and choose a design that will make your wall sconces the real main characters of your rooms and hallways. Last but not least, you could decide to choose the ceiling sconces, or our spotlights, in order to maximise utility on your vertical surfaces. However you choose, you will have lighting components thoroughly researched and designed for your rooms, welcoming to make all your guests feel at home. Get inspired by our rich catalogue and transform the look of your home, from the bathroom to your living area.

Buy wall sconces online on carparo.net

It doesn’t matter if you have a hotel, a B&B, a resort or you simply want to light your house in a more creative way, trust the experience and craftsmanship of carparo.net. A rich catalogue waits for you: Wall sconces, table lamps, suspension lights, light bulbs, complements, sinks and basins, vases and planters. Get inspired by our ideas and choose a different look for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living area or kid room. Also don’t forget that you can choose our products to light outside areas like gardens, terraces and balconies. Choose on carparo.net the best for your home, with all its beauty that only the materials carparo and pietra leccese can provide you.