Outdoor floor lamp “Padula Bianca”



Floor lamp /Garden stake made out of pietra leccese cm.55x22x22x. IP65, 6,5W, 4200K.

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This lamp is called Padula bianca and it’s part of the new collection “Borgo Sannicola” designed by Virginia Pisanello for Sguariu Arenarie.

“Borgo Sannicola” a small village that combines 5 outdoor lamps. 5 lamps of simple and elegant design ideal to decoratore your outdoor spaces like gardens, paths, ecc.

This product combines the elegance of its prime material the pietra leccese to an enchanting game of lights and shapes. On the inside you can find a led spotlight 6,5W natural light 4200K, 570 lumen.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 20 kg
Dimensioni 22 × 22 × 55 cm
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