The Solar Stone is a very fine calcarenite stone in Salento, extracted and sold exclusively by our company. Its appearance is grainy, just like that of Carparo, but it is a much more requested stone, as it is harder and more resistant and thus even in a marine environment ideal to use and with a less homogeneous chromatic appearance. This extraordinary stone is appreciated and very requested precisely because of its reddish, brown and whitish textures and veins, sedimented over time which generate a really interesting visual effect, so much so that architects and designers love to work with it. Its compactness and hardness, combined with good resistance to atmospheric agents, makes it particularly suitable for the creation of flooring both for exteriors and interiors in maxi formats and for monolithic elements such as washbasins, tops, seats, etc. BEWARE !: Being this a 100% natural material, it can present differences in intensity, color, tonality, visual and tactile irregularities, presence of fossils or parts of them. The buyer accepts that it is impossible to guarantee a uniform material and understands that these characteristics represent a value and uniqueness and not a defect.