antiqued “Chianca” in Lecce stone



Vintaged Chianca in Lecce stone for floorings. Size 51x37x4 from raw chianca (pale stone slab typical of a lot of Apulian architecture).

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The antique “Chianca” in Lecce stone is a particular floor slab that comes from the processing of raw “chianca” (which is pale stone slab typical of a lot of Apulian architecture), which has always been used to pave the solar paving of Salento houses.

Each single slab is subjected to a vibratory finishing process using aggregates. This gives a particular and more rounding effect to the edges and an “orange peel” texture over the entire surface.

The vintaged “Chianca” is ideal for paving outdoor spaces and in general in cases you wish to recreate a more antiquated style, with a wide gap that recalls the ancient Salento farms.

Currently it is very popular in the renovation of historic homes, but also very well appreciated combined with a more modern whitish style. Many companies try to imitate the product by using concrete and resin conglomerates, but the charm and beauty of natural stone remains timeless.

Further information: the standard size measures approximately 51x37x4cm, 5pcs per square meter are considered. Being this a flooring material made from rough hollow-cut slabs and therefore with small differences in size, it requires a joint of about 1.5 / 2 cm. Each package has 20 square meters and it is possible, due to the specific processing, that some slabs (less than 5% of the total) have a ruined corner, which can be safely cut and reused. On request we can produce a trimmed and certified version, if you prefer a tighter joint, and in various other formats.

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Peso 65 kg
Dimensioni 51 × 37 × 4 cm
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