Design floor lamp COGNAC, distillates glass shaped


Nightstand lamp in pietra leccese cm. 27x27x35h

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The design lamp Cognac in pietra leccese / limestone is inspired by the most famous glass shape in the world, used for the best distillates and drinks. It can be used as a floor or table lamp, but also as a small side table or a night stand for narrow Japanese beds combining night stand and night lamp in one product.

Cognac has a lamp holder on the inside (light bulb not included) with E27 connection and satinated plexiglas surface, available in different colors based on the light effect one desire to achieve with the lamp.

It’s perfect for homes with extraordinary style but also to create an elegant but impressive atmosphere also in bars or local venues.

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Peso 16 kg
Dimensioni 27 × 27 × 35 cm
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