Outdoor wall sconce Curvy in carparo stone


31x12xh11 cm outdoor wall lamp in Carparo, E27 lamp holder max 20W, IP44. Also available with a dimmable 10W Kodak led bulb included in the package.

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The product Curvy in Carparo stone, is the new version of one of our best-selling outdoor wall lights. The traditional model in Pietra Leccese with a very delicate design is now updated by a more decisive version in carparo stone. This material gives Curvy a stronger character that goes very well with classic, rustic but also modern exteriors.

The light diffuses both from above and from below and the internal IP44 polycarbonate shell protects the electrical part from water in any direction, making it optimal for outdoor use.

This handcrafted carparo wall light measures 31x12xh11 cm and is equipped with an E27 max 11W lamp holder, hence able to house energy-saving or LED bulbs, which can be included in the purchase. The lighting is diffused both upwards and downwards.

Curvy can be purchased in combination with the bulb we recommend: the Kodak led 10W 1200 lumen natural light (click here for more info) able to offer excellent lighting.

In order to purchase the wall conce with the indicated bulb included, simply select Yes to the question “bulb included?” and the E27 led bulb Kodak dimmable filament 4000 k natural light tone, 10W capable of developing 1200 lumens will be added to the package for only an additional € 12 (more info on the bulb). To receive the wall lights without the light bulb, select No instead and there will be no additional costs.

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Peso 2 kg
Dimensioni 31 × 12 × 11 cm
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