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Suspension lamps

Carparo claims within its creations, numerous and diverse lamps: ceiling lamps, suspension lamps, wall sconces, outdoor and indoor lamps, spotlights, night lamps …

The products are the result of the creative flair of the Sguario creative team, where they are developed meticulously following the older traditions and techniques of the pietra leccese and carparo craftsmen. Two typical materials, directly extracted from our quarries around the southern part of Apulia, a perfect design interior accessories. Our designers and architects of our creative laboratory Sguariu truly give life to lamps and lights in delicate stone materials, elegant, classic or contemporary, able to give light to any type of interior style, indoor or outdoor.

Our lamps in stone in fact adapt easily to any home, commercial or public space, thanks to its modern design. Easy lines and creative shapes and forms.