Wall sconce Rustica in pietra leccese


rustical wall sconce in antiqued pietra leccese cm 30x20x11. You can choose either 1 or 2 light bulbs attachments and decided to add the 15W warm light bulbs to the purchase.

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Our wall sconce Rustica made out of pietra leccese, is characterized by horizontal cuts that lets the light shine through and a tumbled and brushed finish that gives it a more rustic
appearance compared to the wall sconce Tagli with a smooth and straight finish.

The wall sconce has a built in lamp holder with E27 adaptor (light bulb sold separately) ideal for LED or energy saving light bulbs. Approximately 30x20x11 cm big. IP20 product for indoors.

Details of the finishing of the Lecce stone displayed in the photo.

You can buy the wall sconce either with one or two light bulb holders adding the respective light bulbs.

If while buying you choose “yes” to the question “light bulbs included”, you will find the E27 Kodak LED lights (warm light 2700k, 15W and 1200 lumen) included within the package for only €7 each (more information on the light bulbs). If you prefer to receive the wall lamp without the bulbs simply choose “no”

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 3.5 kg
Dimensioni 30 × 20 × 11 cm
Lampadine Incluse
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