wall lamp picture – Women on the beach by Picasso


Lecce stone wall lamp 35x35x3.5 cm E27 available with 6W led bulb.

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35x35x3,5 cm wall sconce entirely in lecce stone, with E27 lamp holder.

This creation is born from the collaboration between the Sguariu creative laboratory and Massimo Pasca (find out more about Massimo Pasca), an artist with an unmistakable style, who produced these illustrations printed on stone exclusively for Sguariu.

It is a personal reinterpretation of the work Women on the beach by Picasso which together with the Venere wall lamp, inspired by Botticelli’s Venus, gives life to a collection of wall sconces, dedicated to the classics of art, all rigorously filtered through its ingenious creativity.

To further enhance this extraordinary design product take a closer look at the orange colored textile cables that emerge from the stone and give a three-dimensionality to the composition.

The E27 lamp holder is designed to accommodate max 60W led bulbs, perhaps Edison-style filament bulbs, such as the one proposed in combination with the Kodak dimmable 6W dimmable wall lamp, which can be purchased included in the package (600 lumen 2700K warm light).

It is a truly original wall-painting lamp, ideal for stylish interiors and for those who love creativity and enjoy playing with lines and colors, perfect for creating a composition on the wall by combining the two wall sconces from the Murali collection by Massimo Pasca together.

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Peso 4 kg
Dimensioni 35 × 35 × 3.5 cm
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