Indoor wall sconce in lecce stone Sista 1 with lampholder


Lecce stone wall lamp 35 x 35 x 3.5 cm E27 available with 6W led bulb included.

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wall sconce measuring 35x35x3.5 cm equipped with an E27 lamp holder in lecce stone. This product is born from the collaboration between the Sguariu Creative Laboratory and Giuseppe Apollonio (find out more about Giuseppe Apollonio), an artist who produced the illustration printed on stone of Sista 1 exclusively for Sguariu.

Sista2 (at this link) and Sista1, the second wall sconce fo 50x30x3,5 cm with vertical orientation, two visions of the same imaginary city “Sista” as the word “sister” is pronounced in slang, a very friendly city of refuge.

To enhance this extraordinary design product even more and to make the urban vision of the Sista collection three-dimensional, what is fascinating is the play of black textile cables that emerge from the stone as if to interact with the observer, projecting him into this surreal world.

The E27 lamp holder is designed to accommodate Edison-style LED filament bulbs max 60W. Available in the package, a 6W dimmable Kodak bulb (600 lumen warm light 2700K).

This wall lamp-picture is perfect for interiors with a contemporary style and for those who love creativity and love to play with lines and colors, perfect for creating a composition on the wall, combining together the two wall lights from the Sista collection by Giuseppe Apollonio.

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