Wall sconces and Lamps out of pietra leccese and carparo stone, shop online.

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Enlighten your home indoor and outdoor with the magic of traditional stone.

Carparo.net is the online store, created by the idea of the Sguariu company, which has specialized for over twenty years in the extraction and processing of carparo and Lecce stone, where you can buy stone wall lights and lamps.

Lamps in pietra leccese, online shop

Carparo.net is the online store of the Sguariu company creative project. Specialized for over twenty years in the mining and processing of Lecce and carparo stone, it creates masterpieces of craftsmanship and design that are perfect for homes, companies, resorts, B&Bs and hotels.

Conveniently from our site, with a simple click, you can have carparo and Lecce stone lamps delivered directly to your home. These materials are two sandstones with a lighter pale white that together with the warmer colored solar stone, are extracted from the quarries in the Salento area.

We subject these materials to a water-repellent treatment in order to make them immutable and always perfect. That way you will have lamps and design accessories unaltered in shape and color.

Furthermore, the feature that makes Lecce stone unique as a material is its malleability. This peculiarity, combined with the creative and original ideas of our craftsmen, makes it perfect for creating extraordinary objects. Sinuous and with an unmistakable color, Lecce stone manages to combine all the beauty of tradition with the new needs of a functional and contemporary environment.
With a Mediterranean and modern look, every corner of the house will be transformed into a welcoming, elegant and classy environment.
In our online catalog you can truly transform your home into an original and unique location! You have several items of furniture in Lecce stone and carparo at your disposal. You can have fun creating your own style with indoor and outdoor wall sconces, making the walls of the house a triumph of beauty and creativity. Choose our marine style products , sea, sailing, oyster and fish, to recreate the vacation and relaxed atmosphere all year long.
You will appreciate our lighting elements because they combine the minimal style of Lecce stone with the innovation of our craftsmen’s minds. Choose the Salento leitmotiv, appreciated all over the world for its uniqueness! If you want to illuminate outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, verandas or country lanes, on carparo.net you can choose different models of outdoor LED wall sconces.
Always original in design and functionality, with prices fitted for all needs, they create a warm and welcoming setting, ideal for summer dinners or simply to illuminate dark corners with all the beauty of Lecce stone.
You can also use led bulbs for indoors. That way you will make a conscious choice by respecting the environment and also economically making a net cut on the electricity bill. Don’t forget that, by combining the lamps with our spotlights, you can illuminate a corner, a painting or a piece of furniture that you prefer.
Thus, your room will respect your needs and your style. But on our site, in addition to indoor and outdoor lamps, you will find a vast assortment of Lecce stone floor lamps and stone chandeliers, vases and planters, washbasins, Lecce stone tables, wall coverings, mirrors and floors.
Each product is made with care, love and enthusiasm, to bring pieces of fine craftsmanship to your home. Nothing is left to chance: try our Lecce stone furnishings and feel all the tradition, modernity and sinuosity of our materials! Buy Lecce stone lamps for sale online on our online shop.